Connecting you to a Community of Help and Support

HerHealing was formed to create a comfortable and open atmosphere for women to unite.

We strive to create a strong community of support, on and off-line, to help women hurdle the obstacles of life. At HerHealing, you will find encouragement, advocacy and strength.  We are on a mission to inspire healing through intimate connections while restoring faith in relationships.

Challenging the misconception of suffering in silence, we’re throwing off our capes, baring our insecurities and harnessing the strength of our village.


Our Pair-up section connects you with other women who share your story. We hope that your natural connections will bring support and encouragement.


DiscovHer Healing workshops provide guidance and support to guide you through some of life’s toughest journeys. Our quarterly workshops, led by professionals and industry experts, will introduce you to new and insightful ways to live a life of health and hope.


We host spontaneous hangouts at local venues around the city.  Join us for a fun activity, table talk or a healing exercise all designed to connect and empower you.  You never know where we may just Pop up! All pop-ups will be announced via email and social media.

About Us

HerHealing was formed to create a comfortable and open atmosphere where women find healing, hope and happiness through intimate connections and shared experiences. Our desire is to build a strong community of women willing to help other hurting women through the healing process.

Founder Felicia Ellis recognized that women face difficult challenges, such as depression, low self-esteem, domestic violence or even rape just to name a few. Often times we hurt in silence due to a lack of consistent support and understanding from those closest to us.

Her Healing hopes to inspire emotional health and well-being through intimate connections and access to the right information.


Felicia Ellis
Founder and Chief

Felicia Ellis, more affectionately known as Fee, is the heart behind HerHealing. What began as a God-given revelation, she has evolved into a community of empowerment and a network of healing. Felicia realized that there is an urgent need for internal healing among women who have gone through trying times or traumatic events. Her vision is to pair women around the globe based on their shared experiences.

“Friendship is born at the moment when one (wo)man says to another “What! You too?.’” ~C.S. Lewis

Felicia is a trained therapist who desires to help women find healing, hope and happiness. Providing a variety of ways to connect, Felicia has carefully designed HerHealing experience to be a journey of restoration and self-discovery.

“I believe there is strength in numbers and when surrounded by the genuine support of friends, family or strangers – healing occurs. So, I personally invite you to join our network of courageous women who are strong enough to know, when it’s ok to be vulnerable. So throw off your capes and dive in. We’re here to catch you. Fee



Chamise Bellamy
Chief Brand Warrior

Chamise is the creative muscle behind Felicia’s vision. She is the owner of Catalyst Ink, providing creative development and public relations support for individuals with passionate ideas.

Chamise and Felicia have known each other for just two years, however they’re confident that fate brought them together. The pair’s contrasting personalities help fuel the diverse experience women will encounter through HerHealing. Their connection is a testament to what happens when two people with similar stories connect and conquer life together – magic can happen.

While Felicia writes the vision, Chamise ensures the experience is infectious and memorable.

Inspired by the moments where I needed “HerHealing,” I eagerly jumped at the possibility to help Felicia launch this community of support. I’ve always been a visionary, whether it’s for my own outlandish ideas or helping others live their passion. ~ Chamise



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